For American colonists, alcohol was, in part, the key to good health. Water was often hazardous to consume and could cause serious illness. Beer consumption especially was seen as a healthy substitute for water.  In fact, only the most destitute drank water. Accordingly, colonists regularly drank beer, cider, brandy, wine and rum. Period accounts suggest that an adult man would have drunk an average of three pints of rum per week.

Made from Jamaican molasses and first imported in 1650, colonial distilleries produced rum that was both delicious and affordable. And, just as today, colonists enjoyed hot drinks to keep themselves warm during the long, New England winters. Enter hot buttered rum: a genuinely New World drink made with molasses-rich sugar from the Caribbean, rum distilled in New England, and fresh-churned butter.

At Ship To Shore Merchants, our hot buttered rum batter blends organic molasses, brown sugar, creamy butter, and hand-selected spices in our own expression of the colonial tradition. True to its heritage, SHIP TO SHORE HOT BUTTERED RUM unites the past and present. Enjoy SHIP TO SHORE HOT BUTTERED RUM with your friends and family...start a tradition!